Conveyor system for dumpling specialists

For a well-known customer in Austria, who produces dumplings as finished goods, the pallet conveyor system including control was implemented.


The challenge was to transport the finished goods packed on Euro pallets with a payload of up to 1000 kg over two floors and two pick-up and drop-off stations.


The conveyed goods are transported on Euro pallets and the destination is defined via the touch panel on the control panel. The pallets are placed on the loading position with the forklift and transported to the next conveyor. The conveying takes place on roller conveyors with chain drive. Vertical transport is handled by single-mast lifters with a chain drive. The contour is determined during the transfer and the automatic further transport only takes place if the end is error-free. The material to be conveyed is simply removed by the operator at the removal stations.

Technical data

Goods to be conveyed:

  • Euro pallets wood (each loaded pallet max. 1000 kg)

Conveyor technology used:

  • roller conveyor

  • One mast lifter with chain

  • displacement unit

  • impact protection

Control / visualization:

  • Siemens Simatic S7

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