Logistics solution for medical products

For a well-known customer in Austria who specializes in the sterilization of products, the entire conveyor technology, palletizing and depalletizing as well as conveyor technology in the sterilization area was implemented.


The challenge was to move the customer's own cardboard boxes from pallets to trays and feed them to a treatment line. The finished cardboard boxes are then palletized back onto the customer's own pallets and made available for loading onto trucks at the goods issue.



The acceptance at the incoming goods point takes place with floor-level pallet conveyor technology (construction height 80mm) for euro and industrial pallets. The pallets loaded with cardboard are then conveyed directly to the fully automatic portal depalletizer. The depalletizing takes place via a double portal in order to alternately depalletize an intermediate layer made of cardboard and a whole pallet layer made of cardboard using a vacuum suction device. Due to the variety of different cardboard boxes used and the special requirements in the irradiation area, these cannot be conveyed on a "standard" conveyor technology. The cardboard boxes are therefore stored in system trays specially developed and manufactured by Schwingshandl and conveyed to toothed belt conveyors and accumulating roller conveyors. The trays were designed as "reversible trays" and can accommodate complete pallet layers from Euro pallets or industrial pallets. For this purpose, a fully automatic tray turning station was integrated in front of the depalletizing unit in order to be able to switch between euro and industrial pallet formats. Empty system trays are temporarily stored in two paternosters and offer buffer space for 100 trays. The empty pallets are stacked and temporarily stored on a buffer section before being palletized. The system trays loaded with cardboard boxes are fed to the irradiation system via an accumulating roller conveyor. If a double treatment is required, the cardboard boxes can be turned by 180 ° in a turning station, “turned upside down” on a new tray and fed back for treatment. After the treatment has been completed, the cardboard boxes are again palletized on the respective customer pallet via the double portal and made available at the goods issue via floor-level pallet conveyor technology (construction height 80mm).

Technical data

Conveyed goods:

  • Pallets (max. 800 kg per loaded pallet)
  • System trays
  • Cardboard boxes (per pallet layer with max. 150kg)


Used conveyor technology:

  • Portal palletizing
  • Timing belt conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Accumulating roller conveyor
  • 80mm conveyor technology

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