Sorting storage for the un-/loading of AGV's

An innovative sorting storage system with automatic un-/loading of AGV's for KLT totes has been succesfully produced for a renowned German sports car manufacturer.


The AGV's provide fully automatically the axle asembly with single parts which are stored in KLT totes. The AGV's can transport 10 totes simultaneously. The biggest challenge in this project were the very narrow tolerances of the entire system.



For this project, Schwingshandl has supplied a total of 18 sorting storage units which are distributed over 3 levels. The AGV's dock at our storage units allowing us to deposit or to retrieve 10 totes at the same time. The transfer takes place by means of a paternoster combined with an integrated sliding unit which is equipped with a total of 10 mounted teleskop arms. The telescopic arms immerge into the AGV's, lower and thereby transfer the KLT totes onto the AGV's. The retrieval from storage occurs vice versa thus closing the circle.

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