You’ll get the most out of your conveyor system if your team and your equipment work as one. At Schwingshandl we therefore offer a series of training modules so you can make sure your teams know how to use the system correctly. Each training module focuses on a particular topic. In the operator training module your team will practise using the system, in the product training module they’ll learn all about the individual components, and in the repair training module they’ll learn how to perform minor maintenance tasks.

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For you this means:

  • You’ll get the best out of your system
  • You’ll be able to repair minor faults in-house
  • Operator errors will be less likely
  • System availability will be maximized
  • You’ll save money thanks to reduced downtime

Frequently asked questions about training

What does the operator training module cover?

This training module equips your team to use the conveyor system correctly. It answers questions like: How do I operate the system safely? What should I do if there’s a fault? What do I need to pay attention to while using the system?

This module provides an overview of the individual products that make up your conveyor system. Trainees will gain a better understanding of the system, which will be useful in the event of a fault or failure. Why? Because your team will know immediately which part is faulty, how this affects the rest of the system, and what information to send to the Schwingshandl service team to ensure fast handling of the problem.

Large-scale and complex repairs are generally handled by our service team. Sometimes, however, it’s just a case of replacing a part or performing a straightforward repair. The repair module teaches your operators to carry out simple maintenance tasks like this themselves, so you can get your system up and running again as quickly as possible. In other words, the repair training module increases equipment availability, which in turn reduces costs associated with downtime.

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