Modernization & Retrofits

To take advantage of the latest technological advances and digital innovations, sooner or later it will be necessary to update your conveyor system. Modernizing an existing system is no small task, which is why at Schwingshandl we have a special team dedicated to retrofit and modernization projects. With their help you can be sure you’ll always have the smartest solution.

schwingshandl modernisierung retrofit

Keeping things smart

 By retrofitting, we mean modernizing various parts of an existing conveyor system. Whether you need to revamp a single tote handling area or your entire system, we can handle it. At Schwingshandl we’re experts in making existing systems smarter through upgrades, performance enhancements, process adjustments, and the replacement of discontinued parts. The key is deciding exactly what needs changing, and then developing a suitable retrofit concept. Our solutions incorporate mechanics, control technologies and materials and warehouse management systems.


For you this means:

  • Lower costs, because upgrading is less expensive than buying new
  • Better performance from an existing system
  • New features and smart solutions
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • A longer service life

Frequently asked questions about modernization & retrofits

Can mechanical parts be modernized?

Yes, in terms of mechanics we can make your system fit for the future. We’ll develop a made-to-measure concept that will bring your conveyor system in line with the latest technologies, with minimal downtime.

Yes. We can replace existing control systems, modernize the scanner system and/or install new converters. We’ll look at your entire conveyor system together and identify exactly which parts would benefit from modernizing.

Yes, at Schwingshandl we always make sure you have the latest version of all software. Every update is designed to futureproof your system and make your logistics processes as efficient and smart as possible.

Make a smart choice

We’ll take care of every stage of your project, from planning and design through to production and assembly. All you have to do is tell us what you need.