Studierende & Schüler:innen

Du steckst als Schüler:in oder Student:in noch mitten in der Ausbildung oder stehst bereits kurz vorm Abschluss? Dann solltest du dich bei uns melden. Warum? Weil du bei uns während deiner Ausbildung bereits wichtige Berufserfahrung sammeln und danach gleich voll durchstarten kannst. Und das als Ferialpraktikant:in, im Zuge eines Berufspraktikums, als Teilzeitmitarbeiter:in oder für eine Kooperation zum Verfassen deiner Abschlussarbeit.

schwingshandl ferialjobs

Summer jobs and work placements

Whether you’re at secondary school or university, if you’re looking for a holiday job or a work placement, we’d be happy to hear from you. We offer a diverse working environment and will do our utmost to ensure your time with us isn’t a one-off experience, but the start of a long career at Schwingshandl!

schwingshandl studienabschluss

Student internships

If you’re looking for a host company for your final-year internship, then look no further. Present your research topic to us, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll be happy to host you while you complete your dissertation – the perfect step towards your future career.



A green working environment

At Schwingshandl you can have the best of both worlds – a modern workplace surrounded by nature.

Delicious lunches

Every day our canteen offers freshly prepared meals at special prices.

Flexible working time models

We offer flexible working hours, including the possibility of working from home.

Further training

Everyone at Schwingshandl has access to both personal and professional training opportunities.

Health initiatives

To encourage employees to keep fit, we offer benefits such as company sports kit for cyclists.

Make a smart choice

We’ll take care of every stage of your project, from planning and design through to production and assembly. All you have to do is tell us what you need.