Top level lifting gear

Lifts are required to deliver maximum performance in terms of speed, acceleration and payload, while we expect them to offer maximum efficiency in terms of power input. Our lifts are optimised to deliver maximum performance at a low power input. And of course, they are always tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.


Double mast elevator with chain hoist

schwingshandl automation technology Kettenheber
The double mast elevator with chain hoist is used for the vertical transportation of different dimensions.
BIS 3.000 KG

Frame elevator

schwingshandl automation technology Geruestschachtheber
The frame elevator is used for the vertical transportation of load of different dimensions.  The four mast…
BIS 3.000 KG

Double mast tooth belt hoist

schwingshandl automation technology Zahnriemenheber
The double mast tooth belt elevator is used for the vertical transportation of load different dimensions. The…
BIS 3.000 KG

Single mast elevator

schwingshandl automation technology Einmastheber
The single mast elevator is used for the vertical transportation of load of different dimensions.
BIS 500 KG

Lifting station

schwingshandl automation technology Hubstation
The lifting station is used for the vertical transportation of load of different dimensions. It is mainly…
BIS 500 KG

Paternoster elevator

schwingshandl automation technology Paternoster
The paternoster elevator is used for the vertical transportation of load. The continuous flow of material…
BIS 500 KG

Our Process for your solution


During the planning phase, we support our customers in the technical system design to ensure they achieve the optimum cost/benefit efficiency.


Our company is equipped with the very latest in 3D design, computing and simulation programs. We use computer animations to simulate the movement and processes of our innovative logistics systems.

Project Management

We assist our customers throughout the entire process, from layout planning to final acceptance. Quality, costs, and deadline management take top priority.


In our modern factory, the machines are produced, pre-assembled, installed and, after passing inspection, packed ready for shipping. Many of our customers take advantage of our factory test set-up and pre-acceptance prior to shipping.


Our machines and systems are shipped worldwide and assembled by highly-qualified employees. Our experts provide professional support during the commissioning stage.

After Sales

You can always count on us to provide spare parts or technical support at short notice. Rapid spare parts handling is our top priority. We perform service and maintenance work worldwide.

Personal advice and information

Interested? We would love to hear from you – please send us an enquiry. We will process your enquiry and be in touch as soon as possible.

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