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As an international specialist in tailor-made logistics solutions, we offer our employees a first-class working environment and plenty of opportunities for career progression.

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Working environment

We’re a modern company – in terms of premises, technology, and attitude. You’ll find everything you need to make your job enjoyable: the latest IT equipment; bright, clean assembly stations equipped with monitors; comfortable relaxation areas for coffee breaks and power naps; and a flat organizational structure where everyone interacts as equals.

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Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing takes top priority at Schwingshandl, and we strive to create a work culture where everyone is free to express their individuality. Our aim is to take the needs of all team members into account and foster an environment in which our employees feel valued and can thrive.

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We get work done - in all departments

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Project Management

Our project management team solves complex tasks to keep our customers happy. How? By examining each customer’s requirements from all angles, setting clear goals, defining a project schedule, making efficient use of resources, and keeping track of progress at all times.

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Our project management team solves complex tasks to keep our customers happy. How? By examining each customer’s requirements from all angles, setting clear goals, defining a project schedule, making efficient use of resources, and keeping track of progress at all times.

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The support and advice of our customers, responding to their needs and the acquisition of new customers are the top priorities in this team - service is capitalized.

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The Procurement department sources all the products and materials the company needs. Not just from anywhere though – we work with trusted suppliers who we’ve known for many years. Our procurement team controls and optimizes costs and quality, and ensures everything is delivered on time.

schwingshandl administration


It’s our administration team that manages company-wide business processes and makes sure we organize things efficiently. Their role includes internal and external communication, scheduling, document management and human resources – everything that keeps the company running smoothly.

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The Accounting department handles and records all the company’s financial transactions. They handle incoming and outgoing invoices, write financial reports and analyses, and perform bank reconciliation. Their task is to ensure everything is recorded and processed correctly.

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This is where the real action takes place – where we create products designed to serve customers for decades. We produce tailor-made products to fulfil customer orders. And at Schwingshandl we don’t manufacture our products abroad. Everything is made right here at our company headquarters in Austria.

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Our Logistics department ensures optimal management of goods flows and performs quality checks on incoming and outgoing goods to make sure products are delivered to customers on time. As a member of the logistics team you will perform a wide range of tasks: inventory and warehouse management, incoming and outgoing goods inspections, and goods handling and loading operations.

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A green working environment

At Schwingshandl you can have the best of both worlds – a modern workplace surrounded by nature.

Delicious lunches

Every day our canteen offers freshly prepared meals at special prices.

Flexible working time models

We offer flexible working hours, including the possibility of working from home.

Further training

Everyone at Schwingshandl has access to both personal and professional training opportunities.

Health initiatives

To encourage employees to keep fit, we offer benefits such as company sports kit for cyclists.

Company bike

Schwingshandl employees can lease top-of-the-range electric bikes at discounted rates.

Anything else you’d like to know? Here’s some other useful information.

Students at Schwingshandl

Working while studying is not always easy, but it’s a great way for students to finance their studies and gain professional experience before graduating. If you join us as a student, we’ll do our best to help you balance your university studies with your job.

Your work life and your personal life are equally important, which is why at Schwingshandl we’re proactive about helping employees achieve a good work/life balance. For example, we offer flexible working hours and work-from-home arrangements.

As a member of the Schwingshandl team you’ll be given the freedom to choose how you work. You’ll be expected to take responsibility and ensure you achieve the best possible results in all your tasks. And that applies irrespective of your role in the company – we all have a duty to work to the best of our ability.

Across all our departments, our employees are driven by team spirit and a sense of pride in the company. Our day-to-day activities are underpinned by mutual respect and support, openness to others, and an awareness that everyone is equal. And last but not least, we have a lot of fun together too.

At Schwingshandl we believe all employees should be able to interact as equals and express themselves freely. We value you for who you are as well as for your work, and expect you to value and respect your colleagues in the same way.

All new employees benefit from our professional onboarding process. It’s designed to make you feel welcome and help you settle in quickly. We’ll send you a welcome booklet before you start, and you’ll be able to sign up for initiatives like our one-to-one mentoring programme.

Family fun days, Christmas parties, ski trips, birthday parties, events to welcome new recruits… we love spending time together and celebrating special occasions.

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