New logistics centre

for a leading company in the paper industry. Schwingshandl put in place the entire conveyor technology link between the existing production and the new high-bay warehouse and the new shipping hall for the new logistics centre.

Link to the new shipping hall

A double lever is used to link the cutting and packing hall on the first floor to the shipping hall on the ground floor. In the new, cutting-edge shipping hall, up to 150 customer pallets can be loaded onto trucks every hour.


The challenge that comes with variety and dimensions

The big challenge was to transport all of the disposable and customer pallets, with their various dimensions, on the conveyor technology. Due to the huge variety of paper products and dimensions, over 100 different pallets can be transported from production to the new cutting and logistics centre. All customer pallets can be removed from the conveyor technology either length-wise or cross-wise, and this is why slat-band chain conveyors on which forklifts can travel are used.


Developing special palletising stations

When storing items in the new high-bay warehouse, new sub-pallet technology for the system pallets (1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 mm) also had to be developed in order to store disposable pallets and customer pallets in the high-bay warehouse. To guarantee as high a level of system performance as possible, the stations have a direct link to the empty-pallet storage. Up to 1320 empty pallets can be stored here.

Technical data

  • Length of the conveyor technology: 0.75 km
  • Conveyed material: Over 100 different types of pallet
  • Max. pallet weight: 3000 kg
  • 177 x roller conveyor
  • 14 x roller lift table
  • 37 x chain conveyor
  • 33 x pallet-turning table and roller pivoting table
  • 1 x double VTW for the shipping hall
  • 1 x single VTW with satellite for the empty-pallet storage
  • 3 x T-Car with floor-level rails for forklift passage
  • 2 x lift
  • 4 x special sub-palletising station
  • 8 x slat-band chain conveyor for the shipping hall, on which the forklift can travel

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