Fully automatic unloading station for roll containers and Euro pallets

The specialists from Schwingshandl have developed a fully automatic unloading station for removing stacks of containers from roll containers and Euro pallets for a leading wholesale company in Switzerland.


Due to the very specific request – mixed transportation of roll containers and Euro pallets using conveying methods – we had to adapt all system components individually to this task.



The conveying methods for the roll containers and pallets were implemented by means of chain conveyors. Special modular belt conveyors were used to transport the stacks of containers so that they were not damaged The focus of this application is removing the stacks from the roll containers or pallets. A portal with a special double-sided clamping device was developed for this purpose. This design makes it possible to handle a wide range of containers in one unloading procedure. A rotating lifting mechanism also had to be integrated into the portal to compensate for differences in alignment and height between the roll containers and pallets.

Technical data

Conveyed material:

  • Roll container 800 x 600 mm max. 500 kg
  • Euro pallets 1200 x 800 mm max. 1000 kg


Machine output:

  • 120 roll containers/hour
  • 80 pallets/hour


Measured variables:

  • Number of different containers: 21 types
  • Maximum stack height: 1850 mm

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