Special-machine manufacturing at a glance

| Design engineering

"I really like designing new machines where you have to start from scratch."

Our design engineers in the area of special machines are continually faced with new challenges. 

What type of special machines do you mainly develop?

"We have built many different variations of cross-transfer cars, which means we have an extremely short throughput time, often of just one to two weeks. Of course, we are also striving for continual optimisation and improvement, but our experience enables us to work particularly quickly and efficiently, including in terms of costs. This is highly valued by our customers, for example BMW, for whom we have recently designed and assembled a new extension."

You are always open to new challenges, a prerequisite for your job. What motivates you?

"New experiences and the opportunity for further personal development have always been important to me. I have just returned from a two-month hike through the USA. 800 kilometres on foot, on the East coast from Georgia towards Maine, relying purely on myself, that is an experience with so many unmissable impressions. I am lucky that Schwingshandl gave me the opportunity, it was a truly unique experience."

What is next for you at Schwingshandl?​​​​​​​

"In the last six months, we have taken on four new employees in design engineering. It is now part of my job to train the new members of staff. This is a step-by-step process, each employee is allowed space to grow into their new role. This works very well in our team, although we are always quite busy."


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