Schwingshandl invests in employee satisfaction

| 2018 plant extension

Our excellent situation with regard to continually increasing orders has made it necessary for us to further expand our offices and production facilities in Holzhausen. We have a acquired an adjoining plot of land for this purpose, through which the manufacturing area can be more than doubled and the office space expanded to around four times its previous size.

The first stage of construction will see a considerable expansion of the office building. The schedule has already been finalised and the planning application is complete, with construction beginning in June 2018. As well as creating 18 additional positions at the company, this expansion will add a spacious new area for employees. 

Everything but conventional.

The new staff areas are unique in that they do not serve as purely functional and simple "break rooms", but are instead remarkable, well though-out concepts that allow our employees to feel at ease. 

There are many new areas that have been designed with freedom in mind, including an "open space" that encourages a culture of forthright discussion, a cosy chill-out area for taking a short break to clear your head, and "communication corners" where you can retreat into conversation away from the everyday office routine.  

"It is important to us that our employees are motivated and satisfied. Our success is directly linked to the satisfaction of our customers and this in turn can only be guaranteed when our workers are at their best. Therefore, by creating a pleasant and positive working environment, we hope to positively influence the motivation of our employees in the long term," says Thomas Schwingshandl.

Fresh food prepared daily.

The expansion of offices and employee areas will also see the installation of a canteen. By providing hot meals that are freshly prepared each day at affordable employee rates, we are aiming to optimally cater to our employees' physical well-being as well. The programme of extensions is rounded off by a planned lounge and bar area, as well as a spacious terrace with an open section. 
Continued growth has also led to an increase in our employee numbers, which in turn has made it necessary to expand our parking area. This will also take place later in the year.

Completion of the new offices and employee areas is planned for the end of 2018, when the move into these new premises will also take place.


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