Palletizing and stacking for diverse applications

The processes of palletising and stacking, as well as pallet removal and unstacking is associated with highly diverse and specialised requirements. We adapt all system components individually to your specific tasks and therefore guarantee efficient and reliable manipulation of all container types.

De-/Palletizers, De-/Stackers

De-/Stacker “Conventional” up to 50 kg

De-/Stacker “Conventional” up to 100 kg

De-/Stacker “Conventional” up to 300 kg

De-/Stacker “Conventional” up to 600 kg

Up and down de-/ stacking unit up to 300 kg

Up and down de-/stacking unit up to 600 kg

De-stacking unit for folded crates

Single palletizer

Double palletizer

Two-sided de-palletizer

Four-sided de-palletizer

Four-sided de-palletizer with sliding unit