Modernisation of Mini Load AS/RS pre-storage zone for trays

The entire Mini Load AS/RS pre-storage zone was modernised for a leading electronics manufacturer in Germany.



The existing conveying technology comprised a two-level pre-storage zone with transfer car. Multiple lifts were used to connect the levels for the picking positions. Due to the steadily increasing demand for electronic goods, the existing conveying technology needed to be modernised since the existing plant components were reaching their performance limits.



For this reason, the plant – which was built in 1990 – was replaced by a high-performance loop with tooth belt conveying technology. This combines – on one level – all Mini Load AS/RS aisles with the picking locations and intermediate storage locations. The main challenge here was implementing the conversion and modernisation measures during the brief breaks in operation. In order not to interrupt the three-shift operation of the electronics manufacturer, the individual conversion and modernisation measures had to be carried out over several weekend and night shifts. Since the plant had to be used in normal operation at the beginning of each week, it was therefore only ever possible to replace individual elements. The entire conveying technology, right through to pre-cabling, was therefore set up and tested at the end customer’s premises. The plant was connected using cables in individual segments and could be introduced as planned. The conveying technology was modernised during 11 weekend shifts in two-shift operation.

Technical data

  • Conveyed material: Steel trays
  • Dimensions including additional load: 925 x 650 x 450 mm (L x W x H)
  • Total weight including additional load: Max. 120 kg
  • Required loop output: 370 steel trays per hour


Conveying technology used:

  • Tooth belt conveyor
  • Tooth belt right-angle transfer unit (90° corner transfer elements)

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